Jackie Latham

Don’t make them think, make them act!”

Jackie Latham is the owner of Jackdaw Web Design (http://www.jackdawwebdesign.co.uk) and has been building websites since 2013 for a variety of SMEs, artists and bloggers, with her main goal being to create websites that work to bring her customers the business they need.

She has been in IT for her whole career, starting as a COBOL programmer with the DHSS in 1986, then joining British Airways after a short stint at Newcastle University. She started at BA as a programmer and quickly rose to become the project manager for the largest support team in the airline, managing a team of 30 developers and support analysts and looking after a variety of web-based procurement, finance and intranet applications on 24×7 call out. She is a member of the British Computer Society and you can see her LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackielathamweb .

My Sessions

Don’t make them think, make them act!

Do you have a beautiful website that’s not bringing you enough actual business? Are you about to commission a website and you want to know how to make sure it matches your key business objectives? This seminar will give you an overview of usability, that often overlooked but critically important aspect of web design. It […]